Heat Reflective
Verona Roofing Tiles are combined with lightweight insulation foil installed under the battens. The insulation foil deflect the heat that fall onto its surface. It helps to maintain the temperature inside the house or building for effeciency of air conditioning system. This grants thermal insulation and preserves a comfortable temperature inside the house or building.
Light and Secure
Verona Roofing Tile is six time lighter than a concrete tiles. Less weight stress on the structure would save cost from expensive reinforcement of the substructure, as well as more secure in earthquake-prone areas. Light weight Verona Roofing Tiles protect house or buildings from collapsing due to insufficient structural support for heavyweight damage in earthquakes. Installation process of Verona Roofing Tiles can be easily completed in a short time, as the tiles are light an easy handled
Fire Resistant
Verona Roofing Tiles are manufactured with fire resistant materials. The interlocking system holds the roof structure securely to prevent it from collapsing during fire break outs.
Leak Proof and Strong
The Interlocking system has made Verona Roofing Tiles’ structure amongst the strongest roof produced, with each tile securely interlocked with tile above, below and each site. This prevents any leakage froma acurring and ensures roof remains firm with no wind uplift. The system has made Verona Tiles durable and able to withstand strong with rain, as well as earthquake movement.